Ariel – “Guarding Angel”

Demon hisss

Apple, apple

in your mouth

all I have you have

grace and youthful beauty,

Dominion of men

Intimate Knowledge

 bind in confidence

to know it all

sacred heart’s desire

in lust no secrets will be kept

Serve me well, Dark Sisster

our secret, sinful covenant

My husband, My son, My father, My brother

All our men

seduced by darkness

counterfeit lover

promised you joy

that you already had

no good cometh of

lies on more lies

and deeper her teeth

sink in your flesh

Guard your men

The innocent, the stupid, distracted fools

don’t let that viper in

and nestle in his beating heart

evil magic that beguiles

vise gripped colder

crept in a winter’s night

ancient embers warmed by souls

spirit sighs, blood lust, then death

He says  to you, she loves me

Poisonous promise feasts on hope

A demon loves, but serves one master

Women,  be a Guarding Angel

Fiercely and wonderfully made

Be a warrior,  vigilant

Repel the sin of wickedness

Worship, pray, love your men

Be the hope, the joy, the home

Exploding light shines out from you

Jehovah’s word is Holy Power

Father, Son and Holy Ghost


3 thoughts on “Ariel – “Guarding Angel”

  1. My wife is one of those Guarding Angels. She keeps me from the vipers snare as the monitor of my pride. 40 years this November she has watched over me. An amazing woman! Thanks for the poem and for your comment on mine! I’ll try to stop by once in a while


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