in dreams, I fly with you

Did you float in the air

after you fell

and think how did I do that

did you fall in love

then felt sharp pain

twisted around

then did it again

did you once hear the word

knew it was true

only to say, I never said that

So when I say

he just loves you

you just shrug and say

blue is not blue

it’s really up to you

but I had no say in the matter

now back to me

so I think in ones and twos

and in pink and electric blue

What if dreams are grey

if we wished it so

Coz I love to fly in dreams

Of living colour

through blundering skies

eating chips and pies

all the while thinking

this tastes like sunshine

to start where it ends

then land upside down

Of course,

but still know the way home

so, that’s how I know

if you think you are lost

and cannot be found

there is a plan

turn  around

then fly away again