I live, I die, I know were to go


Tendrils, memories cascade a stormy mind

now where did I leave my pride

forgotten now, a pearly shell on a distant shore

my death will be fierce, I am not afraid to die

but pain, well I’m drowning in it

and I can barely tolerate saying hello

to my dear friends, my loving family

just tell them to go away and take the pain with them

I’m floating now, opiate clouds waft across an indigo sky

Listen to the echoes, a song from long ago

“Georgia on My Mind”

my heart flutters, I am 17,  I meet my first love

exhilaration, freedom, I can be anyone, anything!

the pages of time, turn swiftly now

feelings fall away like confetti

I am angry, I am happy, I am sorry, I am sad

I am more and sometimes I am less

through it all I am me

I will not let the cancer take me away from me

for I have you dear lord

and I know there is more

dear Lord, send my sisters Rose and Bella to get me

tell them to bring Goldie, my dear dog

I am ready

Just got to sort everyone else out

before I go.