oh no, this is xmas (it rhymes)


With trepidation I count down the days

Inlaws, outlaws, I’ll sit with the Fam

Intrinsic joyful memories, now muted with greys

Careful words, don’t choke on that ham


How dare he come here she says with a hiss

and bring that trollop back here to this town

conversation turns to warm yellow piss

oh my, awkward titter, I’m the wriggle clown


So I’ll keep my mouth shut, be discerning, give it a rest

Be the ambassador of xmas, presents, kisses and hugs

It’s all for the grandchildren,we must do our best

and not become xmas thugs


is it about forgiveness and love

maybe too close to the bone

double edged sword cut from above

Or am I just selfish for who wants to be alone


what would “J” do if he sat at our table

would his grace cover us all

empathy, willing and able

cracks in ridges, break down our wall


so I’ll just push past that day

and keep first in my mind

emotions will run and play

freedom is love, so let’s be kind


will my future self look back to say

what a splendid person you are today