I have hatred in me…



She said, I have hatred in me

that’s who I am now, who I be

they left their kids for me to care

my son I buried, my minds not there

time stood still the day James died

why me, my baby, why now, I cried

loss, I have lost, I think I am dead

my anger, turns over, the nights I  dread

for I have hatred in my heart

towards the parents who take their kids for granted

cause home and the heart is where loves planted

love your family, be kind and grow

connect, relationships we give, I know

but they don’t even care

their time is spent elsewhere

I think that maybe, I will drink

Numb myself, who wants to think

Then I could fall apart and wallow

But I suck it up, the bitterness I swallow

I’m only 28 but feel like 80

now little things just seem to grate me

six months in, each day I cry

I never got to say goodbye