Chaos behind the Camouflage


Her face melted and slid right off her face

invisible, divisible, stop doing things, anything

boom boom thumps her heart along

something, somehow is terribly wrong

multiple realities exist, now none


She sniffs the air

Looks around, no one noticed

Stared at that computer for hours, just blank

On tilt, off tap, tapped out, empty think tank

Silent screams fill the void


This is the one true story

original, sourced gory glory

tangential, chaotic disarray,

Never had the time before to say god day

What’s so great about this?


I feel like I have lost a dear friend

put me somewhere, don’t know where

just a loose association

my feelings got in the way

now my life is bleached and grey


Calm,  breathe, don’t shout

instead I, let the crazy out

Deep, in the very depth of me

light and dark is what I see