Loves love (meet me at the edge of the world)


Loves love

embrace me till

the end of my world

where sadness slithers along

heart’s corridor

the man slumps, inside the boy weeps uncontrollably

our child, he touched!, she lies

big lies, little lies, see it in her eyes

love has fled

she spends her days in bed

telling the swine, sweet fuck all on social media


Love’s love where have you gone

faint smudge in the shadows

that remembers

sweet afterbite of loss

how can she

emasculate, dominate, hate

yet project vulnerability

paradoxical illusion

she has me by the balls and squeezes tight


I want to strangle you, I want to kiss you every night

Confusing times, don’t know what’s right

I need your love, I want your love

I’m trying to keep it all together

This is all of me

this is my life

I love my children

I love my wife