walking in the clouds at Sapa


Rugged moss-covered rocks scale the ancient mountain

To slumber in the vaporous mantle of cloud, crystal icy water cascades down

Fine mist settles upon my face, I cup my hand to water and take a sip


A meandering river of opaque glassy emerald waters plunge then dash on by

Waters burble, drum rolls over beaten rocks, natures crescendo plays

Crisp air clings, then dances through the hazy hills, to twirl, then gently dip


Each step my mind captures the moment, rituals of village life

A girl stirs indigo water in a barrel, so I stop to ask how and why

Points to tiny purple flowers, vibrant colours leap out from the purses on display


Nearby, goats perch precariously chewing, oblivious to people walking by

Salivating smells of chilli chicken, coriander waft lazily through the air

An elderly man squats, cigarette hangs off his lip, quietly readies for the day


Visitors desire unique experiences, risk to go where no one else has been

Breathe, the intrepid driver hurtles, churning mud, on the slippery road

Dashes past villagers and temples so I can walk amongst the clouds


Guide Ly Thy Ly takes me to her home and before the family altar

Feel spirit connected and I am humbled, every day they give thanks and pray

Tribal woman shares her heart, stands tall like the mountain and just as proud


Misty peaks, tumbling waterfalls, granite mountain ranges

Splendiferous from the earth to the sky

Natures wondrous beauty, stirs all my senses and curious mind


I learn, we love, we share, we take our place in the world

A spirit nature flourishes in your heart and in your soul

Simple is a way of life, so be gentle and be kind