the last bee dances SOS

honey bee perched on pink and yellow petaled flower closeup photography
Photo by Miss Pooja on
I never work in darkness friend
evil hunts in shadows
give me a sunny meadow
dancing jolly, kissing flowers
Now I stand quivering gossamer wings
narcissistic greed mongers, corrupted
build towers where neons flash
sold their putrid souls for cash
the prophet said perish thee
for you can’t eat money
words of change died in silence
Trees don’t tremble, flowers don’t cry
I know my  time is near
last night I had a dream
the last bee dead
Im mounted on display
10,000 drones replace me
doing what I gave for free
there is no hope in silence
Wastrels write on tenement walls
their words failed to convey
blind and deaf to my dismay
communications more than words
deathly silence screams the answer
Written for Sound of Silence Poetry Contest – Poetry Soup