shoal of fish
Photo by Thiago Casst on

Silver flashes through ocean swells

sound ripples across the water

strolling the moonlight kissed water

surrender to nights sensual promise

foam breaks, mermaid soars resplendent

cobalt teal diamond skin shimmers

powerful tail propelling her way

phosphorescence trails behind

sea sparkles flitting in her wake

face startles, finely dotted aqua spots

thick lips pout, fierce, predatory

fiery orange and red markings

warrior lines swirling, cheek to neck

swims towards me, I’m awestruck

daggered teeth, transfixed

purple searing eyes, allured

flips mid-air, veers away to plunge deeply

her tail douses me in sea water

I laugh and marvel

savage beauty of the sea

silver flashes through ocean swells