Spirit led


church in open field
Photo by sergio souza on Pexels.com

I found a church

Quirky, unusual holy perch

out in the desert, on the road to somewhere

the Holy Spirit lead me there

impressed on me, free yourself, bring all to bear

Curious with an open mind I went along with a friend


Bible based, not just survival

Blessed be this soul revival

thunderous songs of blessings and praise

goodness and mercy shall follow our days

of this world but from another

for all the sisters and brothers

It’s not a cult, it’s a lifestyle


I glimpsed a vision

the word was true, I’m on a mission

and when god’s hand touched my head

I saw light, felt light

I heard hundreds of angels whisper, glorious rite

the world did tilt, the word is alive

for everyone knows what love is

No need to explain

God is the great, I AM

No need to explain


We’re not rolling in the aisles

but some do fall to the floor

some talk in tongues or sing out loud

sway in sync, hands up in the air

the fire of the holy ghost

electrifies that church

and I think, there is nothing like this

anywhere on earth

and I’ve travelled around


Pure joy, I laugh, praise the Lord

Be kind, understand, no need for discord

and my spirit grows strong

in this church, I belong

and afterwards, we sit together

as families use to do

we eat, talk and pray

great is our Sunday