Imploding heart

He thought the tears would never stop

tiny slivers of heart in each tear drop

Once upon a time, joy and love presides

Now the keening sound of wailing, resonates deep inside


Insomnia, stalks his nights

cuddled up to darkness, exhausted

he ghosts through days in zombieness

numb in grief, no space for bliss

other days he is sucked down a black hole

of drunkenness

they are the angry, unthinkable days

where he wonders, lost in life’s maze


Imploded heart, it screams for you

my wife, my life, you were the glue

that held our family together

I always thought we had forever


No-one tells you to hoard your memories

for the rainy days, when you can’t get outta bed

so now you re-run snapshots in your head

just to get past today

and so he prays

tomorrow be a better day